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Jared Klemm '21
Jared Klemm

Jared Klemm is a junior pre-PA student at the University of Maryland, College Park, from Cumberland, MD. He is currently pursuing a dual-degree in Chemistry, and Cell Biology & Genetics. After graduation in May 2021, he plans on either attending Physician's Assistant school to become a Physician's Assistant, or pursuing research via an MD/PhD focused on Organic/Medicinal Chemistry. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, hiking, and watching Law and Order: SVU. On campus, he works part-time as a Head Lifeguard at the Eppley Recreation Center, and teaches job trainings and classes as an American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor.


Hunter Jones '20
Hunter Jones

My name is Hunter Jones and I’m entering my junior year at the University of Maryland. I’m studying Biology and I’ve got a passion for helping others. In my future I can see myself combining science, art, and creativity to help come up with solutions to our world’s biggest problems. I’m from Silver Spring, Maryland which I believe has given me such a unique perspective on life. I’ve grown up in an environment where there’s a beautiful blend of people, cultures, and passions surrounding me. Silver Spring is a place that has become so important to my growth. This melting pot is the perfect place for me because I’ve got a mix of interesting ideas waiting to be executed. I would say that I’m a jack of all trades, always seeking to expand my knowledge and try something new. I’ve got a natural burning sense of creativity. This has fostered a very artistic side of my personality. I love to draw, paint, write, make music, whatever I can get my hands on to express my buzzing thoughts. I would say that my art has allowed me to be a more critical thinker in my STEM courses. I think outside the box and approach problems in ways that go against the grain. Even when I can’t figure out problems on my own, I’m excited to learn more and find out what wrong steps I took. With every mistake I make, a lesson is learned and I grow a little more from the experience. I never look back on the past with regrets; rather I laugh and remember to try not to make the same errors. If I do, I remember that I always have friends and family to help me back up and add wisdom to my growing collection. I follow my heart and hope that all my gathered knowledge helps to guide me in the right direction at the University of Maryland.


Taylor Mann '17
Taylor Mann

Taylor Mann is a senior Public Health Science student from Ellicott City, Maryland. After graduating from the University of Maryland this December, she plans to attend nursing school and pursue a career in healthcare.

Mayuri Patel '17

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